Saturday, September 13, 2014

Amazing Cover: "Going in Circles" (Sasha Allen)

Reposting this sublime cover because I really can't believe that 1) Sasha hasn't been signed to a major deal and 2) that we don't have a cover of "Going in Circles" from her that we can purchase, because I need this in my record collection.

Was trolling through YouTube last night and stumbled upon this phenomenal performance by Sasha Allen. While I am not too familiar with her, she appeared on this past season of NBC's The Voice, co-starred in the indie film Camp, and has been in the industry for a minute, having been signed to both Elektra Records and Artista.

While she hasn't found her big break yet, there is no denying her raw vocal talents and her cover of The Friends of Distinction's classic hit single "Going in Circles" proves that her talent truly knows no bounds. I am shocked that someone hasn't signed her off of the strength of this performance alone, let alone what appears to be a great showing on last season's The Voice.

Either way it turns out, one cannot deny Sasha's innate vocal prowess and you can watch her murder The Friends of Distinction's "Going in Circles" from Joe's Pub below and Enjoy!

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