Saturday, September 20, 2014

Live Audio: "I Am Changing" (Whitney Houston)

Back in 1986, Whitney Houston performed a flawless rendition of the Dreamgirls classic "I Am Changing" during one of her concerts in New York City at the time. Heralded by many as "The Voice," this single live audio clip in my opinion proves why Houston in her prime is still untouchable in my book.

Her sheer vocal prowess, runs, and phrasing alone put this in my book as one of the greatest live audio recordings ever captured up there with Aretha Franklin's "Amazing Grace" from her gospel album as well as Luther's "Superstar" from his live album and the fact that is a rough recording of her performance only further proves it's power. With that said, take a listen after the jump to her sublime live recording of "I Am Changing" and Enjoy!

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