Thursday, April 30, 2015

Amazing Cover: "She’s Only Happy In The Sun" (Olamida Faison)

I posted this sublime cover last year and while going through an old playlist I had earlier today I rediscovered it and Olamida Fasion who sadly I haven't kept up with even though his talents warrant a closer listen in my opinion.

While I am not familiar with Olamida Faison, his voice rings true and is an artist I am looking forward to discovering some new material from. With that said, the NYC artist-on-the-rise has just released the first song off of his (then?) forthcoming EP entitled '#TheInfluence,' which is a tribute project to the artists that have played an influential role in his love for me.

Entitled "She's Only Happy In The Sun," it is an acoustic cover of the Ben Harper original and I have to say, Olamida Faison really does his thing on it. With that said, take a listen to Olamida's take of "She's Only Happy In The Sun" below and lookout for the release of his upcoming EP project entitled '#TheInfluence.'

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