Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Second Listen: "Still" (Tamia)

Tamia's country rendition of "Still" still goes hard in my books and is one of the most underrated joints from 2012. While we only heard the title-track, "Beautiful Surprise" and "Give Me You" from Tamia's latest LP,  I  really wanted this rendition of "Still" to be released from Beautiful Surprise, as it is the standout track besides "Beautiful Surprise on the album.

Updated from the song she originally recorded with Jermaine Dupri and released on her album 2004 album "More," Tamia and Claude Kelly teamed up for this rerecorded rendition which found the famed singer recording it in roughly three takes. Instead of piecing her takes together, Tamia performed "Still" with the musicians simultaneously and took the best take. Take a second listen below to this country tinged rendition of "Still," which appears on Beautiful Surprise and support this sistah!

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