Sunday, November 9, 2014

Live Audio: "Turn Me Loose (Unplugged)" (Ledisi)

As Ledisi continues to work her latest album The Truth, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit Ledisi's sublime unplugged rendition of "Turn Me Loose," which is featured on the deluxe limited edition of her album Pieces Of Me and is one of the greatest gems that not a lot of people have been put onto.

Words honestly can't describe how happy I am to hear this live unplugged rendition of "Turn Me Loose," every time it comes up during my playlists and hopefully this is only a taste of a potential live project of sorts.

Either way it turns out, I am just glad I have a legit unplugged recording of her saning instead of the bootleg youtube rips I've done in the past. Take a listen below to "Turn Me Loose (Unplugged)" and for this alone, picking up a copy of her deluxe limited edition of Pieces Of Me would be in your best interest as you get a copy of her latest album The Truth!

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