Saturday, August 30, 2014

TV Rewind: "SWV: Reunited" Season 2 Ep. 3 (SWV)

This past thursday on We Tv, the third episode of season two's SWV: Reunited aired and drama amongst the girls disrupts plans of recording new material for their album in Atlanta as Coko decides to take a break from the groups and spend some time with her family.

Steaming from the fact that Taj slept with the A&R of the group's first album, LeLee and Coko feel betrayed that she never shared that information with them. While Coko goes home for a few days, so does LeLee and while in Atlanta, Taj stops by to apologize and share some shocking news about LeLee's daughter.

Once Taja and LeLee mend fences, the duo decide to try recording without Coko with an up-and-coming producer in the ATL in addition to working on some new dance moves to go along with their new sound. With that said, watch all of that and more go down in this week's episode of SWV: Reunited and Enjoy!

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