Saturday, May 31, 2014

Second Listen: "Cosmic Journey" (Solange ft. Bilal)

Back in 2008 Solange released her sophomore album Sol-Angel & the Hadley St. Dreams and it quickly became one of my top 5 favorite releases from 2008. Though it didn't received the type of commercial or critical acclaim that it deserved, Sol-Angel & the Hadley St. Dreams featured a distinct sonic quality that mixed 60s and 70s classic soul with techno and electric-synth pop of the 80s.

With that said, one of the standout joints from the set is Solange's soulful opus with Bilal "Cosmic Journey." Spanning over six minutes the joint deserves a listen or two  and if you don't have it, you should pick up her sublime sophomore effort. With that said, take a second listen below to "Cosmic Journey" and Enjoy!

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