Saturday, August 15, 2015

Podcast: "Jon Schuyler Interview" (The BackBeat)

In this week’s special episode of The BackBeat, we interview indie R&B artist on the rise Jon Schuyler who opens up about his thoughts on Indie R&B, his adoration for D'Angelo, what makes him unique from other artists, how his writing and sound has evolved, his thoughts on race and R&B, as well as his inspirations regarding music.

Jon also talks about his latest EP 199X and his top five 90s artists that include Brandy, #aggedEdge and Whitney Houston amongst other. Jon and Marcus also have a Whitney stan moment and engage in the Whitney/Mariah debate alongside Kyera. We also get into one of Jon’s craziest fan moments, what’s the hardest song he’s had to write so far, as well as his thoughts on love and relationships.

Get to know Jon Schuyler in our extended interview and find out why we are such big fans of him and his music.

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