Friday, August 21, 2015

Amazing Cover: "Yesterday" (Marvin Gaye)

Marvin Gaye's cover of The Beatles' "Yesterday" is one of my top five recorded covers of all-time and that is probably I post it so much because with every listen I hear something new/different. With that said, during our current situation here in the States with the police brutality happening in Ferguson and the murder of Mike Brown, the song has take on another meaning for me.

Recorded at the top of 1970 for his tenth solo studio LP That's the Way Love Is, Gaye's cover of "Yesterday" from his Tamla set is one of those joints that can easily get stuck in your head.

Though his amazing cover of The Beatles' "Yesterday" is tucked away in his expansive discography, Marvin's take of this classic really brings it up a few notches in my opinion with his soulful delivery.

Take a listen below and Enjoy!

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