Monday, August 17, 2015

Live Audio: "Wings" (Birdy)

Back in September of 2014, Birdy released her EP 'Breathe' here in North America ahead of the 2014 release of Birdy's second album Fire Wihtin. While the said, her EP featured five songs, including three from Fire Within (two studio versions and one live version), one song from the Australian Special Edition of her first album, Birdy, and one live version of a song from that her debut.

With the audio of her song "Wings" finding its way into several movie trailers recently, I couldn't help  but search the net to figure out what this haunting ballad was and when I discovered it was from Birdy, I knew their would be a sublime live rendition, as she tends to record live versions of her singles as well.

With that said, below you will find the video recording of her recording her live take of "Wings," which was featured on her recently released EP 'Breathe.' While I couldn't find just the audio, it's nice to watch Birdy actually record her brilliant take from Abbey Road. Therefore, take a listen or watch her sublime live performance of "Wings" below and Enjoy!

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