Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Live Clip: "Sweet Talker (Acoustic)" (Jessie J)

Jessie J truly possesses one of the best voices in pop music today and while people can often get lost in her runs or the blaring instrumentation that has defined her sound, at the core, Jessie has a powerhouse voice that can light up any room.

With that said, I love it when Jessie J strips down her songs to simple acoustic renditions because it really allows her vocals to take centerstage and the power and control that she possesses to really shine through.

Case and point her recent acoustic cover of her title track "Sweet Talker," which is featured on her just released third album Sweet Talker, which is currently in the top ten of iTunes top albums. Take a few minutes and get into Jessie's soulful vocals on "Sweet Talker" and if you like what you hear, check out her third album Sweet Talker, which is in stores now!

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