Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cut: "Wounds In The Way" (Rachelle Ferrell)

I was flipping through the channels the other day and stumbled upon what appeared to be a Tyler Perry marathon on Lifetime and one of the films that I caught a portion of was Madea's Family Reunion. While the film has its moments, the soundtrack for Madea's Family Reunion was truly the highlight of the film for me personally.

With that said, one of the numerous standouts from the sound for Madea's Family Reunion has to be Rachelle Ferrell's "Wounds In The Way." Such a smooth, beautiful and powerful ballad, "Wounds In The Way" is a joint that can easily get stuck on repeat for several hours, which is just what happened to me during the early evening last night.

Composed by Rachelle Ferrell, Tyler Perry  and Elvin D. Ross, this is such a gem in Rachelle's vast discography that warrants more attention then it's originally had. Therefore, take a listen below to Rachelle Ferrell's cut "Wounds In The Way" and Enjoy!

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