Friday, June 27, 2014

Amazing Cover: "Get Lucky" (Jazmine Sullivan)

Jazmine Sullivan'w turn out of "Get Lucky" in London a few months ago was everything, and still is as we hopefully start a slow countdown to her highly anticipated third album Reality Show.

Her runs and scats during the breakdown of the Daft Punk monster smash hit transform "Get Lucky" into an uptempo funky jazzy smooth jam that has me yearning to hear both a recorded official version from Jazmine as well as a bonus cut live version from her. While I know that this will never happen on her forthcoming third album, one can hope for a cover of this and "Kiss From A Rose" one day!

With that said, watch this phenomenal live clip of Jazmine breaking it down on Daft Punk's Grammy-winning monster smash hit single "Get Lucky" from her 'comeback' show in London from March 30th below and Enjoy!

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