Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cut: "I Think It's Better" (Jill Scott)

Jill Scott's classic debut album Who Is Jill Scott?: Words & Sounds Vol. 1 is filled with so many classic jams, today is affectionately known as Jill Scott Appreciation Day in my household because of the lasting impact her debut and career have had both on me as well as music.

With that said, one of the standout cuts from her album has to be "I Think It's Better," which serves as an interlude of sorts that transitions into Scott's classic ballad "He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)." Clocking in under two minutes, "I Think It's Better" is such a classic jam cut that I wish would've been expanded into a longer song.

Either way, "I Think It's Better" is often overlooked on Jill's classic debut album and warrants a listen below!

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