Sunday, June 28, 2015

Second Listen: "Otherside of the Game" (Erykah Badu)

Back in 1997, Erykah Badu released her debut album Baduizm and the game would be forever changed. Ushering in what would be referred to as neo-soul, Baduizm and Badu laid the framework for many of the legends we celebrate today.

With that said, lifted as the third single from the set, "Otherside of the Game" was a powerful ode from Badu highlighting the struggle of a ride or die chick in a relationship with a drug-dealing boyfriend and at that time offering a perspective that hadn't been heard on radio before.

While the song didn't match the success of "On & On" or "Next Lifetime," "Otherside of the Game" is a classic within Badu's discography and warrants a second listen below!

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