Thursday, March 16, 2017

Podcast: "Davion Farris Interview" (The BackBeat)

In this week's episode, we interview the very talented Davion Farris, who is a GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter/producer. Davion just released his debut EP Trenier and we talk to him about the inspiration behind this effort in addition to his favorite tracks from the EP.

During our interview, Davion delves deep into his inspirations, his favorite current artists, his writing process, where he sees himself in 5-10 years, artists' political responsibilities, in addition to cluing us in on how he got his start in the industry at the tender age of nine. Make sure you tune into the end of the episode especially where Davion opens up about the economic climate of the music industry and offers up some great insight into how an independent artist can make her or his livelihood from the music.

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