Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cut: "Another Sad Love Song" (Toni Braxton)

Back in 1993, Toni Braxton released "Another Sad Love Song," which was the first official single from Toni's self-titled debut album, Toni Braxton. Though she had released two singles prior to "Another Sad Love Song," this was the single that put Toni on the map to superstardom and would create the legend that we are familiar with today.

While "Another Sad Love Song" was her first major hit, a lot of work from her debut album Toni Braxton seems to of been forgotten in the current context and it's a shame because Toni's debut album is one of the best debuts of the 1990s in my opinin.

With that said, take a listen after the jump to the smooth ballad "Another Sad Love Song" and Enjoy!

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