Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cut: "Sugarcoated" (Justine Skye)

I was listening to Justine Skye's sublime EP Emotionally Unavailable and her ballad "Sugarcoated" really jumped out to me for some reason.

Offering a phenomenal vocal performance from Skye, as well as some touching lyrics such as "In real life I'm a smart girl, but I do stupid stuff sometimes," "Sugarcoated" would seem to be a great cut to select as the next single from Emotionally Unavailable.

As we move into cuffing season, I am sure a lot of folks are going to need a slow jam to get emotional over and as Justine gets ready to hit the road, "Sugarcoated" would be a great choice to get folks to give emotionally Unavailable a second listen.

With that said, take a listen to Justine Skye's cut "Sugarcoated" below and Enjoy!

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