Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Amazing Cover: "I Will Always Love You" (Zapp & Shirley Murdock)

Back in 1996, Roger and Zapp released their compilation album The Compilation: Greatest Hits II & More which featured some of Zapp's lesser-known singles and album tracks  and some joints from Roger Troutman. With that said, the famed group featured Shirley Murdock ("As We Lay") on their rendition of the then mega-hit and future iconic "I Will Always Love You," which just a few years earlier was made into the biggest song of Whitney Houston's career.

Who would've thought a country song originally by Dolly Parton would go through so many soulful iterations and end up in this funky gospel-tinged Zapp cut. Either way you feel, take a listen below to Zapp & Shirley Murdock transform "I Will Always Love You" and Enjoy!

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