Friday, July 8, 2011

Live Clip: "'til The End Of Time" (Timothy Bloom feat. V. Bozeman)

Timothy Bloom took the the Essence Music Festival this past weekend for the first time and dropped a stunning set that featured his breakthrough single "'til The End Of Time," which is off of his "The Budding Rose EP." Featuring the talented V. Bozeman, Timothy Bloom and the talented songstress crooned their way through a spot on rendition of their joint "'til The End Of Time." Check it out in its two part format below and make sure you go out and support Bloom by getting a copy of "The Budding Rose EP."

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  1. In my years of watching music video, I've never seen anything so beautiful!! This video exemplifies perhaps will/may prayerfully unleash a flood of love of ourselves, of Black men- women-boys-girls the world over toward each other. This video is an aw inspiring piece of art which is full of such spiritual overtone that it brought tears to my eyes. I loved the fact that they held each other so passionately and reveal what power we as a people possess when we show our raw strength to each other without reservations or hidden agendas. I applaud these two beautiful human being, thank you for an absolutely priceless video and lyrics about life and LOVE.